Well met on the internet!

Yes, it's me.  Whether you know me as Andrés, Andrew or Drew.  It's me.  Thanks for checking it out.

I've been putting my artistic bag of tricks together for over twenty years -- unless you count all my life (see photo).  I come to storyboarding from my love of film and storytelling.  I come to illustration from a lifelong love of comics, pulp art, and my ongoing efforts to get the images in my head onto the page (at first, and then later into the digitial realm)...

I enjoy the process of translating ideas from the someone's mind to the page.  I love collaborating -- bouncing ideas back and forth, filling in and generating ideas.  Every professional relationship is different; in some the director or client has the ideas already very firmly in mind, in many they are still considering different avenues as things start to crystallize.  Part of my job is making that relationship work, and understanding the project's point of view to be able to work creatively within it.

I come from a family of artists by way of my father.  He was Costa Rican and among his uncles were writers, painters, sculptors and architects.  A lot of natural born storytellers.  My mother's people are Hoosier and as far as I can tell there are no artists among them -- other than she herself who is an amazing event producer who has been bringing spectacle and ceremony to one and all from the start, beginning with back yard shows as a child.

Hope you enjoy looking at my work.  Feel free to contact me at agp005@gmail.com.  

 Andrés, 1975

Andrés, 1975